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miiCard, a service that uses bank-account data to verify online identities

there’s a growing need for some sort of system to help verify user identities

remove the need for paper-based checks of identity documents

helping tackle one of the toughest problems on the internet

miiCard is like an online passport or driver’s license, proving your identity

create a circle of trust for your online transactions


Our Members Say

miiCard is my real time, online, personal identity verifier.

Jonathan Jensen
miiCard Founding Member

New Customer Showcase

With miiCard btcQuick elimated chargeback fraud in the first 30 days, met regulatory compliance and improved user experience for immediate ROI.
Expense accounting software company Xpenditure has integrated miiCard Certified Digital Bank Statements feature to expand into new markets and to help customers easily connect their bank statements.
Real estate transaction platform Allre partnered with online identity proofing service miiCard to securely connect homeowners and buyers to purchase and sell homes completely online and independent of real estate agents.
Veritas Vitae provides free qualification verification to create an electronic CV with identities proven to prospective employers by miiCard.
BusinessDating provides tools to bring new business partners together and builds trust between contacts with miiCard integration. is the first social reputation management site that makes trust its foundation, letting members attach a miiCard to their profile to show their real identity.
From 'hello' to launch in 3 days - see why TradeHill chose miiCard