About Us

It's all about Creating Trust Online

Born out of anonymity, the Internet today is flawed by a fundamental lack of trust that can increase instances of fraud, drive up transaction costs, create added identity check frictions, and prevent meaningful, trusted connections online.

miiCard enables the full potential of the digital economy by allowing individuals and businesses alike to prove real identities, bringing trust and traceability to payments, lending, banking, e-commerce, gaming, recruitment, dating, social and professional networking.

A free service for consumers, miiCard gives individuals complete control of their online identity. Using the trust a customer already has with a bank and the protection of strong authentication, a miiCard Digital Passport helps individuals do so much more online - from shopping, to proving social accounts, trading on eBay and even buying a house.

  • Trust: Using the trust a customer has with their bank and using something only they know to prove identity purely online.
  • Convenience: A reusable digital passport that can be used to sign up to new services in minutes, without having to go offline.
  • Control: Owned and managed by the customer, identity and information is shared with full consent.
  • Security: Layered security includes strong authentication and individually encrypted personal data stores.


To find out more about the team behind miiCard and our mission to create trust online, please visit our company site The ID Co. >