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Online identity verification service

miiCard (My Internet Identity) is dedicated to creating trust online through verified identities, unlocking the true potential of the Internet so that people and businesses can meet and transact easily with confidence and in safety.

Proving Real Identities

By proving real identities - that you are who you say you are - miiCard is enabling the next evolution of the Internet, empowering people, companies and organisations to meet and transact online in complete confidence across a range of services such as financial, e-commerce, trading, gambling, recruitment, dating, social and professional networking.

Purely online

See how miiCard creates trust online in this video with CEO James Varga.

Through a patented process, miiCard leverages access to online financial accounts to verify an individual’s identity beyond a photo ID through a simple process that occurs completely online in five to ten minutes.

Strong layers of multi-factor authentication and regular revalidation of your miiCard ID provides an authoritative and living digital identity that is completely under your control.

The idea

About miiCard - creating trust online through verified identities

miiCard CEO and founder James Varga

miiCard is the brainchild of Canadian entrepreneur and IT expert James Varga who was struck by the ever-present puzzle of how to prove identity online to the same level of authority as a driver's licence or passport would do offline, and make the buying and selling of financial products faster and easier.

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