It's all about Creating Trust Online

Born out of anonymity, the Internet today is flawed by a fundamental lack of trust that can increase instances of fraud, drive up transaction costs, create added identity check frictions, and prevent meaningful, trusted connections online.

miiCard enables the full potential of the digital economy by allowing individuals and businesses alike to prove real identities, bringing trust and traceability to payments, lending, banking, e-commerce, gaming, recruitment, dating, social and professional networking.

Read on for more information about our specific products for both individuals and financial institutions. You can also read more from founder and CEO James Varga about how to create trust online here on our blog »

miiCard Digital Passport

miiCard Digital PassportmiiCard is a free service for consumers that delivers complete control of their online identity. Using the trust a customer already has with a bank and the protection of strong authentication, a miiCard Digital Passport helps individuals do so much more online - from shopping, to proving social accounts, trading on eBay and even buying a house.

  • Trust: Using the trust a customer has with their bank and using something only they know to prove identity purely online.
  • Convenience: A reusable digital passport that can be used to sign up to new services in minutes, without having to go offline.
  • Control: Owned and managed by the customer, identity and information is shared with full consent.
  • Security: Layered security includes strong authentication and individually encrypted personal data stores.



DirectID Bank Verification

DirectID Bank VerificationDirectID enables real-time decisions for consumer finance products and services by verifying a customer’s identity and financial profile online and in minutes directly through an application. It combines Bank Verified Identities with live financial transaction history and bureau data to remove fraud and credit risk, while a fast and intuitive user experience increases conversions.

  • Bank Verified Identities: Secure credentials connects the consumer with their financial accounts, leverages compliance checks.
  • Live Financial Transactions: Direct from the account; balance, 90 day transactions, verified income, cash withdrawals.
  • Frictionless UX: Embeds directly in your process, with options to configure and style to provide a seamless customer experience.
  • Seamless Integration: Deep integration or cloud hosted service, get up and running in under a day.