‘Call it your online driver’s license’ - exciting developments for electronic IDs from the US

Online Drivers License – Digital Authentication in the USWe’ve seen some exciting developments from the US this past week on the need for online authentication systems to identify Internet users to the same level a driver’s licence or passport works offline.

In a New York Times article at the weekend ‘Call It Your Online Driver’s License,’ Natasha Singer looks at the White House initiative ‘National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace’ (NSTIC) a strategy for the private development and public adoption of online user authentication systems or, simply put, ‘a driver’s license for the Internet.’

The article explores the benefits of online identity systems for e-commerce and consumers, as well as the security and privacy concerns they present, such as making users more vulnerable to identity theft.

And last week the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) released a report ‘Explaining International Leadership: Electronic Identification Systems’ which explores how governments in countries such as Estonia, Malaysia and Denmark use electronic ID (e-ID) systems, the lessons learnt from these early adopters, and recommendations for the US to create a robust national e-ID solution.

The report was issued at a meeting and webcast titled ‘Electronic IDs: Why is the U.S. so Far Behind?’ Senior Analyst at ITIF and author of the report, Daniel Castro led the panel discussion on the need for a system that allows people to be able to identify themselves on the Internet and, echoing what we believe at miiCard, to remove the last barrier to enabling us to trade and trust in a purely online environment.

Critically, the panel also looked at the challenges of convincing users they have a need for online identity verification, along with the importance of building a system based on global interoperability and strong accreditation for building trust and increasing adoption.

Just the other week miiCard was profiled in VentureBeat, and syndicated in the New York Times, with reporter Meghan Kelly describing miiCard as a ‘virtual driver’s license.’ We are a global solution providing a user-centric system to prove your identity online, to the level of your driver’s licence or passport. We have the backing of Verisign and Yodlee, the leading provider of online financial account aggregation. And with the beta launch just a couple of weeks away, we’re well placed to offer part of the solution to this global issue of building trust online.


Read the report Explaining International Leadership: Electronic Identification Systems

Listen to the webcast: Electronic IDs: Why is the U.S. so Far Behind?

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