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Social media identity theft – protect your accounts and digital identity

Cassie Anderson's picture

Protecting your social networksWe came across a blog post a while back ‘Social Networks and Your Digital Identity' which provides some useful tips to protect your social media accounts and digital identity through active participation. The post gives some figures around identity theft by Javelin Strategy & Research, which found 11.1 million adults fell victim to identity frauds last year and spent an average of 21 hours resolving the incident.

Lately it seems not a day goes by where the likes of Facebook or Google+ are in the news for their plans and policies around the use or misuse and management of users’ identities. We see this as an issue that won’t go away anytime soon.

So, what can we do as individuals to protect our digital identities in Social Networks? We believe it starts with taking a proactive approach to managing your accounts, from limiting the amount of information you divulge when setting up an account, to being smart with your use of passwords, and regularly reviewing your privacy settings and adjusting them to suit you. For more on this check out our tips for protecting your digital identity on social networks here.

As these technologies develop so too will the use of our information. In order to protect this we, as users, need to be responsible and active digital participants. While it might seem like a hassle, it’s in our best interests. Think of it as one of the conditions of use when you sign up to a social site.

We do predict it will get easier though, as more solutions are developed to help us protect ourselves in our online activities. At miiCard we’re working to deliver a digital passport that will enable you to link your social networking accounts and prove that they belong to you, should you ever find yourself in the unfortunate position of having one of your social accounts hacked.

If you think you’d find this useful, please take a moment to complete our survey and tell us which social networks you’d most want to link to your miiCard.


miiCard recently introduced social network integrations so you can now prove your accounts for Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook belong to you as an identity verified individual. Find out more about miiCard Social Validations here.