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Blog from January 2012

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How the miiCard - Callcredit Partnership Benefits You

miiCard recently announced our strategic partnership with Callcredit, one of the UK’s leading Credit Reference Agencies. We wanted to take a few minutes and share with you why this is so important not only for our users, but for those businesses adopting miiCard.

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Tip #3 for Identity Protection: Install AV & spyware detection software

When your computer connects to the Internet, every site you visit is like a digital handshake: some are friendly, and some are not.

Harmful sites take advantage of vulnerabilities in your firewall to plant malicious programs that track your Web activity and collect personal data from your computer.

Install antivirus and spyware detection software to help protect your information online.

This is something that is always talked about but still not everyone does it. Make sure you do.

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Tip #2 for Identity Protection: Choose Strong Passwords

The name of your favourite pop singer may seem like a safe option, but imagine how many other people are using that same password.

Internet offenders often use advanced hacking tools to generate thousands of common passwords. Protect your accounts with different passwords, and use a mix of numbers, letters and symbols.

Sometimes complex passwords can be a hassle to maintain so have a look online for tips in how to create memorable passwords that are still secure or use a password manager to keep track of them.

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Talking about all things Digital ID at FinovateEurope 2012

FinovateEurope 2012

With FinovateEurope fast approaching we are busy preparing for an action packed event, talking about all things digital identity ... and miiCard.

CEO James Varga will take to the stage to demo miiCard and make an exciting announcement. We can't say anymore just now, but all will be revealed on the 7th of February, at Old Billingsgate Market Hall.

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Tip #1 for Identity Protection: Manage your Online ID

Publicly sharing personal details like your birthday, location and occupation is a standard practice on social networking sites, but these seemingly harmless details are also the building blocks for establishing fake profiles.

Identity thieves can use this information to falsely apply for credit cards and other items in your name.

Use security and privacy settings offered by social networking sites to limit the information you share and with whom.


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