Tip #10 for Identity Protection: Stay Informed

Stay informed with ActionFraud.org, a service of the National Fraud Authority and the UK’s leading public resource for identity theft updates, prevention tips and recovery assistance. Keeping up-to-date can mean the difference between protecting your identity and finances or becoming an identity thief’s next victim.

It’s difficult to know who you’re dealing with when you’ve never met them face to face. In your normal environment, you can verify another person’s identity through their driver’s licence or passport. Internet users interact with minimal restrictions and until now there’s been no way to validate someone's identity to the same level purely online.

Our identity is one of our greatest assets. As we look to do more and more online we need to be aware of the risks and take steps to protect ourselves.


We love hearing from our members and we're always keen to add new resources to this blog aiming to bring more trust and safety to the web. We have recently been contacted by a student from Educator Labs who suggested that, the UK's National Fraud Reporting Centre, Action Fraud UK would be another great site worth mentioning in this blog, so be sure to visit their site.

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  • "Giving people the power to control their digital identities, at a time when trust and security online is paramount, is very exciting."  

    Cassie Anderson, Marketing VP