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Blog from March 2012

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A big week for identity protection in social networks

This week has seen a burst of activity around protecting our identities online, particularly in social networks, bringing the need for trust online into the spotlight.

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Social validations prove you are you on social networks

Verify your identity on Twitter with miiCard The social validations feature recently added to miiCard is proving popular amongst Twitter users with large followings who are looking to prove their accounts belong to them.

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Identity theft and impersonation increases in social networks

LinkedIn by 10%, Twitter 6.3% & Facebook 5.7%

Increased activity in online identity theft and impersonation in social networks was highlighted again in this article Why ID Thieves Love Social Media in the Wall Street Journal at the weekend.

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miiCard demo from FinovateEurope

Last month we were at the leading financial services innovation conference, FinovateEurope 2012, to demo miiCard.

Here is demo video showing how miiCard will be used will enable customers to prove their identities purely online, to the same level as a passport or driver's licence, to complete applications for new bank products on the web in real-time.

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New on the website: how miiCard's identity verification service is used to build trust online

Some new information has been added to today which we hope will make it easy for visitors to the site to get a sense of how miiCard's online identity verification works and is used to build trust online.

Here's some pages you might find of interest:


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