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Social networks and trust with miiCard - get involved!

Cassie Anderson's picture

Trust online is really important to us at miiCard. We are building trust online through identity, proving you are you to the same level as your passport or driving licence, so you can connect safely with others on social networks and dating sites, trade on auction sites with confidence, and buy new products and services, that typically require an offline ID check, entirely online when it's convenient for you.

With so much in the news this week about the need to protect your identity in social networks, we have started a campaign Trust Online with miiCard. You can get involved by simply sharing your miiCard digital ID and if you're on Twitter you can show your support by adding a miiCard Twibbon to your profile here. By adding the miiCard logo to your profile you're showing your support for creating trust online.

You can also get involved here on the blog or on our Facebook page and LinkedIn pages. Please tell us where you most want to create trust online.