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Getting verified on Twitter - What is the trick to getting the blue tick?

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Getting verified on Twitter - What is the trick to getting the blue tick? Every day we see more and more people looking to get verified on Twitter. Largely it seems that people want to prove their accounts belong to them, especially as fake and imposter accounts keep cropping up. But just who gets verified by Twitter and how? Here’s what we know…

Who gets verified?

Twitter’s account verification, which marks a user’s profile with the official blue verified tick badge, is given to highly sought celebrities and public figures or those at risk of impersonation, to establish authenticity of identities.  Currently there is no way for the general user to get Twitter verified.

The verification process

From what we can tell, there isn’t much information about how Twitter verifies the identity of an account holder. The news of the fake Wendi Deng profile being verified earlier this year suggests the process does not always involve Twitter contacting the user directly.

Qualifying for account verification

We see lots of users tweeting to @verified asking for verification, and encouraging others to vouch for them. Others use Twititions to petition Twitter to verify an account. We’re not so sure this works though. Twitter’s FAQ about Verified Accounts says they proactively verify accounts and do not accept requests from the general public. They have also confirmed that follower count is not a determining factor in qualifying for account verification.

Will Twitter ever verify my account?

There is nothing to suggest that Twitter will ever verify accounts for the general public. Considering there are an estimated 500 million registered accounts on Twitter we’re not at all surprised.

There must be another way

What is needed is a way for users to be able to prove their own identities and social profiles on all the social networks, and why we’re really excited to have added Social Validations into miiCard so we can do just that.

By proving your real identity on miiCard and connecting your Twitter account, you can prove to followers that you are the person behind your tweets. Take a look at this short video to see how it works.

Have you had your Twitter account verified? What do you know about Twitter verification? Would you use miiCard to prove your identity and Twitter account?

Please tell us in the comments below.