How miiCard gives our Customers Convenience and Control in Xpenditure

Guest blogger Boris Bogaert, CEO of Cardwise, owner of Xpenditure explains why they chose miiCard Certified Bank Statements to better serve their customers.


Boris Bogaert, CEO of Cardwise, owner of Xpenditure

Boris Bogaert, Xpenditure

Modern technology has made an end to offline / online. We’re connected to the internet all the time using our desktop, tablet or smartphone. This revolution changed lots of things. We replace a DJ with Spotify or we replace a personal trainer with a health app.

What we don’t do enough, is think of the side-effects of this revolution. How do we ensure that all the data that we produce day after day, minute after minute is stored in a safe place? How do we protect our online identity?

Protecting our Personal Information

When it comes to things like music, our “privacy” isn’t something to worry about, but at Xpenditure we process transactional data of our users. People take a picture or scan of a receipt, and our app reads out all data. The digitized expenses are stored on a safe server for over 7 years. Every day we make sure that the security of our services are guaranteed.

Our ground-breaking OCR and matching technology allows our users to digitise receipts just by taking a picture with their smartphone. They can do the same thing with their credit card statements. The expenses of the receipts are automatically matched to the transactions on the credit card statement.

Without Compromising Convenience

Our users started asking for the same feature, but using their bank statements. This could be possible, but that means people have to scan lots of bank statements, as these aren’t always issued once a month like credit card statements and increasingly people are opting to view their accounts purely online.

The solution would be to fetch digitised bank statements, but banks aren’t really prepared for this digital revolution. And the few banks that are ready all use different interfaces, so it would be impossible to integrate all of them. Another solution had to be found.

Matching expenses with transactions using miiCard Certified Bank Statements

Our safety consultant, who works for several financial institutions here in Belgium, came across miiCard, a service that verifies and secures your identity in an online environment. As miiCard verifies user accounts based on their true identity using bank accounts, fetching the digitised statements was only one step away.

The development team here at Xpenditure got in touch with the engineers at miiCard. It was clear from the beginning that it would be possible to use miiCard to add additional features to Xpenditure.

miiCard uses bank accounts because these are the most secure online accounts people own. Because of the transactions that happen on a regular base, the online identity and bank statements are always kept up-to-date. With miiCard’s extensive global coverage Certified Bank Statements lets make this feature readily available, giving our users a secure and easy way to manage their expenses and most importantly, keeping them happy Xpenditure customers.


About Xpenditure

miiCard Certified Bank Statements added to Xpenditure

Many companies still lose money on a daily base due to ineffective expense management. To tackle this problem, CardWise developed Xpenditure. Xpenditure takes away the pain of reporting expenses for both employee & employer.

With our ground-breaking OCR scanning technology, receipts can be scanned with a smartphone, scanner or webcam. Xpenditure reads out all data and sends it to a web interface where reports can be made on the fly.

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  • "Giving people the power to control their digital identities, at a time when trust and security online is paramount, is very exciting."  

    Cassie Anderson, Marketing VP