How to secure your miiCard using the Toopher app

Attention all iPhone or Android users! We have teamed up with Toopher to give you an easy way to protect your miiCard with 2-step verification.

How to Set Up Toopher for your miiCard

The Toopher App for 2-step Verification on miiCard


  1. Download the free Toopher app on your mobile device here
  2. Then pair the app with your miiCard account, login to your miiCard and approve the first login request
  3. You can then set Toopher as your preferred 2-step verification method when using your miiCard

How does it work?

The Toopher mobile app checks the location of the computer requesting verification against the location of your phone to make sure that the person accessing the account it is you.

Once this is approved you can start using it for 2-step verification every time you access, edit or share your miiCard.

Why Use it?

  • It's free
  • And easy

miiCard defults to sms for 2-step verification. In some countries there are charges associated with receiving text messages. Using the Toopher app lets you avoid these charges.

We encourage our members to set up at least one alternative for 2-step verification. This ensures they always have more than one secure way to access their account, should one service not be available or you loose access to the device.

 Don't have an iPhone or Android? Try the Yubikey for 2-step verification instead.

As always if you have any questions or need help setting up Toopher on miiCard please get in touch at


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