Product Update : Open Authentication now supported for 2-Step Verification

As a flexible, member driven service we strive to provide convenience so we are really pleased to bring you Open Authentication (OATH), commonly known as Google Authenticator, as a 2-step verification option for miiCard accounts.

miiCard adds Open Authentication for 2-step verification on member accounts



Open Authentication works just like the code sent via SMS but runs on your PC or mobile instead of your phone messaging service and is great for any member who:

  • Does not have a mobile phone
  • Has their number on a restricted or 'Do Not Call' list
  • Experiences issues with mobile coverage and reception

For more details on setting up Open Authentication and a full list of the platforms supported please go to our Support page here >>


Setting up an alternative method of 2-Step Verification lets you ensure you can always access your miiCard, especially useful if you have poor mobile reception or lose your device.

Choose from the following:

  1. The Toopher app for iPhone and Android
  2. YubiKey - a hard token device that generates a random pseudo passcode
  3. Open Authentication (OATH) for PC, Mac or mobile
  4. Codes sent to your mobile phone via sms


Go to the Security tab in your miiCard account to add an additional method of 2-step verification »


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  • "Giving people the power to control their digital identities, at a time when trust and security online is paramount, is very exciting."  

    Cassie Anderson, Marketing VP