Solving the Challenge of Trust Online, the miiCard Story

miiCard is the brainchild of Canadian entrepreneur and IT expert James Varga who was struck by the ever-present puzzle of how to prove identity online to the same level of authority as a driver's license or passport would do offline, and make the buying and selling of financial products faster and easier.

As a veteran technology executive, James developed and patented miiCard’s Bring Your Own Identity platform in response to what he recognized as a fundamental lack of trust online. With miiCard, he has created a proven layer of trust and assurance in identity that enables consumers, businesses and governments to interact and transact with complete confidence online.


"I have worked at a number of companies in the technology and financial fields. Prior to miiCard I was working on a PFM that was essentially the of the UK. During my time there, it became apparent that there is a fundamental disconnect between the 'physical you' and the 'virtual you.' This disconnect is very difficult to bridge and that's what creates so much doubt in our online interactions and transactions. I realized that our online selves would never reach their full potential until we could eliminate this doubt and replace it with trust by verifying the identity of the person on the other end of the browser or email.

And that's exactly what miiCard does. We allow individuals and businesses to confirm an online identity to the same level as an offline photo ID check – and you never have to leave the online relationship or transaction to do it. The patented process is infinitely better than username and passwords or any other method of ID on the internet today, and it instantly enables an entire host of never before possible financial, healthcare, social media, online dating, and other service. It saves businesses and individuals time and money – and makes for a much better overall online experience." - James Varga, CEO miiCard.

Founder and CEO James Varga describes how miiCard creates trust online


Over his more than 20-year career in technology, James has held a number of senior level positions in marketing, technology and management roles. Most recently, he served as a co-founder and director of Money Dashboard, the UK’s leading personal finance management tool. He also created beblu, the first mini-component computer system designed for the living room; led a knowledge assessment service; a digital agency for websites and financial service applications named lightershade; and founded Squarepeg, an eBusiness consultancy specializing in CRM and sales management.

Passionate about the digital economy and the online identity space, James is also an active member of The Open Identity Exchange and a board member of Trust in Digital Life.


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  • "Giving people the power to control their digital identities, at a time when trust and security online is paramount, is very exciting."  

    Cassie Anderson, Marketing VP