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How miiCard gives our Customers Convenience and Control in Xpenditure

Guest blogger Boris Bogaert, CEO of Cardwise, owner of Xpenditure explains why they chose miiCard Certified Bank Statements to better serve their customers.


Boris Bogaert, CEO of Cardwise, owner of Xpenditure

Boris Bogaert, Xpenditure

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How to secure your miiCard using the Toopher app

Attention all iPhone or Android users! We have teamed up with Toopher to give you an easy way to protect your miiCard with 2-step verification.

How to Set Up Toopher for your miiCard

The Toopher App for 2-step Verification on miiCard

Use Toopher for 2-step verification

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Product Update : Certified Digital Bank Statements

Since launching miiCard Certified Bank Statements at FinovateFall we have had a huge amount of interest in the feature for a range of consumer finance applications including personal finance management, expenses management and finance for real estate.

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miiCard selected for StartGlobal at Dublin Web Summit

Dubbed the "Davos for geeks" by Bloomberg TV, one of Europe's most anticipated tech events Dublin Web Summit starts next week and miiCard will be making a splash as one of the STARTGlobal companies.  Dublin Web Summit

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Giving away gold at Money2020 Las Vegas

Money2020 is over a week behind us and still we are flat out following what was a hugely successful event for showcasing miiCard in the financial services and payments innovation space.

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FinTech futures - 2020 and beyond

Last week we shared fintech predictions from the innovators at FinovateFall NYC where social finance, customer engagement, complex and high value transactions were key themes.

But what will come after that? What does the future of financial services look like in 2020 and beyond? Find out from the experts:



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