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Identity Verification Solutions

Many industries are facing the same challenges around identity as more business moves online and consumer demand for convenience increases.

  • Up to 70% drop out when offline identity proofing is introduced
  • Processing costs between $20 and $100, regardless of whether the verification is successful
  • More than half of all fraud is identity related

miiCard solves these key pains

By establishing real trust in online identity, to the same level as a passport, driver's licence or photo ID check, miiCard directly addresses the key pains associated with selling high value and regulated products and services entirely online with miiCard identity verification services.


miiCard increases online acquisition

Customer acquisition

Customers prove their identities in a single-session for straight through processing.

miiCard cuts operational costs by removing manual processing

Operational costs

Remove manual processing, automate reporting, reduce drop-out and cost.

miiCard combats fraud by proving real identities purely online

Fraud and Risk

Combat fraud, minimise risk and meet AML and KYC identity compliance requirements.

ID Fraud and Risk »