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Financial Services

The latest developments in trust and identity in Financial Services as both businesses and consumers look to do more online.

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Bring Your Own Identity key to Global ECommerce

As an Online Identity Verification Service founded on the principles of Bring Your Own Identity (BYOID) we firmly believe this approach will reduce friction and bolster customer engagement in the digital economy.

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Get instant access to buy & sell Bitcoin on CoinRnr

US Bitcoin Exchange CoinRnr is now accepting miiCardUS Bitcoin Exchange CoinRnr is now accepting miiCard.

CoinRnr helps people buy and sell bitcoin without long wait times or excessive fees. With orders processed the same day of purchase and the convenience of using your miiCard you can buy and sell bitcoin faster.


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miiCard finalist in Mondato Summit MFS Awards

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Coming Soon : miiCard Verified Virtual Wallets

Verify Virtual Wallets for Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Dogecoin, PayPal and more

Following requests from our members and virtual currency services to be able to prove ownership of cryptographic currencies we are adding the Verified Virtual Wallet feature. This new feature allows miiCard members to create trust with the sites and individuals they trade with by connecting their virtual wallets to their miiCard online identity.

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What's New : Use your miiCard on these Bitcoin Sites

Virtual currencies such as Bitcoin are becoming more popular with lots of new services taking advantage of this decentralised peer-to-peer payment system. If you want to learn more about virtual currency this short Bitcoin video provides a good introduction »

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Payment fraud prevention and Identity at PYMNTS Innovation Project 2014

In its second year, attendees to the PYMNTS Innovation Project 2014 conference at Harvard University discussed, debated and considered the rapid transformation of payments, with a focus on payment fraud prevention, a key area where identity has a very strong role to play.

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See miiCard at PYMNTS Innovation Project 2014

See miiCard at the PYMNTS Innovation Project 2014In our latest customer success story miiCard reduced chargeback fraud from Card Not Present Fraud and Auto Clearing House payments to zero in 30 days!

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Identity - The Value of Trust : Published by NewFinance

Identity - The Value of Trust published in NewFinanceThere are many compliance, risk and user considerations a business will make when deciding whether identity is important to its success. However, there is often confusion around what identity means and why it is needed and so communicating with stakeholders about how identity is used can be a challenge.

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miiCard featured in Guardian Tech Special Report

The UK technology startup scene is buzzing and it's fantastic to see more and more interest from the media, investors and technologists around the world.


      Edinburgh's Leading Tech Startups     

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FSTech Awards : miiCard Shortlisted for Most Disruptive Technology in Financial Services

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