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Types of access

There are two models under which a miiCard member can share their identity with your application: the subscription model, and the transactional model. These differ by the assurances miiCard gives about the identity and whether there is a charge to use the API.

Which should I choose?

miiCard can help advise on which model is most appropriate based on your circumstances. That consideration will include items such as:

  • Whether miiCard's identity assurance will be replacing a physical document check or other identity verification
  • Whether the miiCard identity assurance will be protecting high-value transactions where you need a high level of traceability
  • Any regulatory requirements you face

Subscription model

  • Only miiCard members with an active subscription can share their identity with your application
  • You incur no costs for consuming the miiCard member's identity information
  • miiCard provides no traceability of the shared identity information

Transactional model

  • Any miiCard member, whether a free user or premium subscription member can share their identity with your application
  • You will be charged the first time in each 12 month period that a miiCard member completes the Authorisation Workflow for your application
  • miiCard provides a point-in-time snapshot of the member's identity information complete with a unique identifier - fully traceable for regulatory and auditing purposes, and stored for 7 years
  • You can continue to get live identity information from any member during the 12 months from the initial charge, or request additional snapshots in that time

The identity snapshot contains:

  • The date and time it was taken
  • A unique identifier you can use for auditing purposes
  • A point-in-time view of the identity information that the miiCard member agreed to share with your application
  • Digitally signed auditing and forensic information that is used internally to back up the assertion of the miiCard member's identity

Setting up your application for transactional use

There are two stages of transactional support:

Test transactional support An initial test mode, where only users you have marked as testers for your application can proceed through the OAuth process. You will not be charged during this testing period.
Live transactional support Enabled only by miiCard and on request, once in 'live' mode you will be charged the first time each miiCard member goes through the OAuth process for your application in a 12 month period.

Typical workflow

The following sequence diagram demonstrates the steps involved in using the transactional model workflow. Items in orange are the details specific to the transactional workflow.

Using the API under the transactional model