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miiDemos are illustrative demonstration projects that consume miiCard identity information to showcase different possible integration scenarios. We use them internally to try out new ideas, and host them publicly to show developers some of the ways they might consider using miiCard in their own sites and applications.


You'll need a miiCard account that's gone through financial validation to try the demos. If you don't have one you can sign up now in 5-10 minutes.

miiMarket - [ Live demo ]

The miiMarket demo shows:

  • How miiCard identity data can be used in creating new accounts
  • How a miiCard identity can be linked to a user profile, allowing 'login with miiCard' functionality
  • How a user's miiCard identity assurance status might be shown off in a UI
  • How an application might use assured identity information to prevent certain user actions - here we show how an auction can be restricted so that only miiCard-verified users can bid

Visit the miiMarket demo »

NicheBank - [ Live demo ]

The NicheBank demo is a cut-down mock-up of a banking website, showing:

  • How a rich sign-up form can be augmented with miiCard-verified data
  • How miiCard's identity assurance is strong enough for financial service providers to comply with AML and KYC regulations but operate purely online
  • How a financial service provider might support a totally-paperless sign-up process

Visit the NicheBank demo »

Microdemos - [ Website ]

We host a number of small workflow demonstrations that explore very focussed scenarios in a very cut-back way. Visit the website, or jump to a specific demo:

Sign-up with miiCard demo

In this demo we show how a registration form can be filled in manually, entirely by miiCard-verified data or by some combination of the two, and how verified data can be integrated into a sign-up process.

with miiCard demo

Here we explore how a user's miiCard account can be used to sign into a web application, automatically creating a skeleton user account behind the scenes as required.

Trusted pseudonyms demo

Proving that you're a real person doesn't have to mean sharing all of your data - in this demonstration we show how you can both prove you're a real person but also retain anonymity.

Range of data demo

Here we look at the range of information that can be shared by the miiCard API.