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Online banking 100% online

miiCard is set to change the way we sign up for new financial products and services by providing full identity verification all online, for the first time.

With a miiCard you will soon be able to complete new account, credit card, mortgage and loan applications, as well as sign up to financial advice and complete high value transactions, purely online.

miiCard proves you are who you say you are online and is a direct replacement for the offline identity check normally conducted by the bank when applying for a new product.

Not just for retail banking, miiCard can be used anywhere a business needs to know their customer, there is a high transaction value and/or a greater level of risk like peer-to-peer lending, stock trading and financial advice.

"The need to prove your identity has never been greater than it is today. Innovations like miiCard will gradually raise the bar on eID and AML best practice and help take the industry forward in terms of ease of online product applications and transactions."

- Jeremy Fraser, ING Direct


Replacing the offline ID check

See how miiCard works in financial services in this demo from FinovateEurope, London, 2012.

  • Fast-and-easy to complete applications purely online
  • Reduces risk of fraud and identity theft
  • Regularly revalidated, so it is always up to date
  • Meets Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) standards


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