in lending
accurate underwriting with no offline steps
in high value payments
with trusted online identities and affordability testing
Seamless customer onboarding with white labelled verification.

A Single Solution for all your verification needs Proven Identities + Verified Personal Data + Strong Authentication

No more physical document checks

See how miiCard verifies identities online to replace physical ID checks

A single solution for Online Identity Verification

miiCard is enabling high-value transactions purely online for the first time in consumer finance for payments and lending, as well as a range of industries where trust is vital such as healthcare, recruitment, gaming and professional services.

By leveraging the security and authority in an individual's financial accounts miiCard establishes proof of identity online, in minutes to remove the need for physical document checks.

Verifying everything from name and address through to transaction banking data, miiCard provides all you need to make informed selling decisions and meet regulatory compliance in a single, easy to implement solution.

  • miiCard makes it quick and easy for our members to verify their identities through a simple sign-in process.

    Business Dating

  • miiCard’s digital passport innovation is an exciting idea in online identity that has the potential to make a real impact on how retail banks interact online with their customers.


  • We are committed to exceed government compliance standards at every opportunity. miiCard’s identity proofing capabilities allow us to identify red flags early in a transaction to better support anti-money laundering efforts.


  • By linking a verified Veritas Vitae profile with a miiCard identity, we are giving employers the confidence that candidates are who they say they are, and have done what they claim they have. It provides job seekers with a clear differentiator in a tough job market, and helps employers quickly identify the best candidates.

    Veritas Vitae

  • We have been working closely with miiCard to solve the problem of paperless straight through processing without compromising compliance with regulations, fraud rates and customer journey.



up to 100% reduction

immediately in fraud and risk

50% to 70% increase

in online conversions

instant ROI benefit

and no offline processes

miiCard for high value lending

Datasheet : miiCard IDaaS for Lenders

miiCard for High Value Lending

miiCard provides primary identity proofing and verified data for high value lenders to eliminate fraud and increase conversion rates by removing offline steps and increasing the accuracy of underwriting.

By allowing consumers to prove their identities and share pre-verified personal information, including real-time bank account transaction data, in a single online loan application, miiCard reduces fraud and risk and speeds up decisioning.

Understanding customer financial profiles on a daily basis empowers recovery and collection processes, while the primary identity check meets full AML/KYC and regulatory requirements. Please get in touch for further information or to arrange a demonstration.

miiCard for High Value Payments

miiCard provides identity verification and strong authentication services for high value online transactions, reducing fraud and risk in Automated Clearing House (ACH), card payments and international transfers.

At the start of the payment process the consumer proves their real identity, based on their active online bank accounts and protected by strong authentication. Verified attributes such as address, account number, account balances and bureau data are available to mitigate the risk of transacting at value purely online. Nightly revalidation ensures identities are continuously available and accurate throughout payment processes where there are delays, such as Auto Clearing House transactions.

Customers adopting miiCard for payments have seen a 100% immediate reduction in areas such as card not present fraud. Please read the case study to find out more or contact us to discuss your business requirements.

miiCard for high value payments

Case Study : miiCard in Payments

Flexible Implementation

miiCard full Identity Service integration

Full Service Integration

Combining a full identity proofing process, strong authentication and verified data for ongoing customer interaction the 'login with miiCard' service gives you ongoing access to identity proofing checks, verified attributes and the protection of strong authentication. Established trust relationships between you and an individual's verified identity provides the convenience to re-access information and automate revalidation of identities as required.

miiCard in-page embedded verifications

In-page Embedded Verifications

Perfect for customer onboarding and one off verifications embedding the miiCard application process, form or workflow allows you to verify the consumer's identity without them ever leaving your site. In-Page Verifications provides easy, point-in-time full identity verification checks and access to a consumer's verified attributes.

miiCard Hosted Identity Checks

Hosted Identity Checks

Perfect for professionals, small teams and low volume checks, identity verification requests are emailed directly to clients through our hosted service so there is no integration involved.

DirectID is a turnkey service that allows you to verify an identity easily and quickly. The miiCard business portal allows you to revalidate, manage and record these verifications.

Key Features

Online Identity Proofing - bank-level verified identities online and in real-time


AML & KYC Compliance - primary and secondary verification checks for full compliance


Verified Attributes - pre-verified personal details, bureau, CRA and alternate data sources


Certified Bank Statements - live transaction data direct from the bank


Verified Accounts - verified access to social, trading and virtual wallet accounts


Strong Authentication - 2-factor authentication, one time passwords over SMS and voice biometrics

Security - including geolocation, device ID, ICE encryption and enhanced SSL certificates


Customer Consent - identities and information shared with explicit customer consent


Reporting - full identity verification transaction reporting and audit trail


Active Revalidation - identities and information revalidated nightly for always up-to-date verification


Global Coverage - to over 350 million people across 10 countries


Easy Implementation - through single sign-on, in-page and hosted verifications

Identity Verification Solutions for a range of industries

miiCard brings trust and security to high-value transactions in a purely online environment and is used in a range of industries to eliminate fraud and risk, cut operational costs and increase new customer acquisition.


Finance including retail banking, payments, lending, virtual currencies

Recruitment and pre-employment screening

Healthcare, insurance and a range of government services

Gaming, gambling and restricted goods and services

Professional Services such as legal, accounting and financial advice

Peer to Peer Services like trading, dating and social networking

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