A Single Solution for all your verification needs Proven Identities + Verified Personal Data + Strong Authentication

Global, Federated IDaaS for Trust in the Digital Economy

The miiCard IDaaS platform proves consumers real identities to the same level as a physical photo ID check in a purely online environment. Personal information is then verified against these identities to provide a single, trusted customer view, while strong authentication and security protects the consumer and transaction.

This higher level of customer verification eliminates fraud, cuts operational costs and increases conversion in high risk transactions, while meeting AML and KYC requirements in any industry.

miiCard is enabling high-value transactions purely online for the first time in consumer finance for payments and lending, as well as a range of industries where trust is vital such as healthcare, recruitment, gaming and professional services.

up to 100% reduction

immediately in fraud and risk

50% to 70% increase

in online conversions

instant ROI benefit

and no offline processes

The miiCard IDaaS Platform

miiCard combines Identity Proofing and Verification that supports brokering of verified personal attributes and multi-factor authentication. Rules are defined in the platform to set identity assurance levels, capture attributes and escalate authentication dependent on the product or service offering.

Identity Proofing

miiCard uses primary identity data sources, including consumers' banking relationships, to establish primary identity proofing to Level of Assurance 3+ purely online.

  • Support for multiple accounts
  • Customizable verification rules
  • Nightly revalidation of identities
  • Direct integration to primary identity sources

Bureau and CRA data is added to triangulate identities and attributes in a single solution.

  • Credit rating and credit score
  • PEPs, Sanctions, SDN and more
  • Driving license validation

Personal Cloud

miiCard's Personal Data Stores contain pre-verified attributes to support a single customer view for easy onboarding and engagement, affordability assessment and automated decisioning.

  • Personal data such as name, address and date of birth
  • Live transactional financial data including bank balance, 90 Day Transactions, Verified Income, Cash Withdrawals
  • Bureau, CRA and alternative data sources
  • Credit Cards and utility accounts
  • Social accounts
  • Virtual wallets and online trading accounts

Strong Authentication

Up to four factors of strong authentication protects the consumer and the identity assertion process.

Security controls include device authentication, geolocation, timed sessions and personalized security images.

  • Strong authentication including OTP over sms and voice biometrics
  • Geolocation and device ID
  • ICE data encryption
  • Enhanced SSL certificates
  • Personalized security images
  • Session and account locking

Explicit Consent

all information shared with customer consent

Detailed Reporting

full ID transaction reporting and audit trail

Global Coverage

access over 350 million people who bank online

Bringing Trust to a Range of Industries

The miiCard IDaaS Platform is designed to meet product and service identity requirements and compliance guidelines in any industry. miiCard brings trust and security to any transaction in a purely online environment and is used in a range of industries to eliminate fraud and risk, cut operational costs and increase new customer acquisition.

Retail Banking

By verifying identities to the same level as a physical check and through direct insight into a customer’s real-time financial position, miiCard enables purely online acquisition across the full suite of products including checking/current accounts, personal loans and mortgages.

Consumer Finance

miiCard provides the identity assurance and real-time affordability testing to support the full sale of high-value, regulated products and services purely online in areas such as lending, payments and virtual currencies.


Combining passport check level identity proofing with age verification, geo-location and affordability assessment, miiCard provides a single, seamless solution for customer onboarding and responsible gaming.


miiCard provides the trust and security in identities to enable access and sharing of online healthcare information on multiple levels – from the patient, to practitioners and providers, as well as family and care givers.


For pre-employment screening of staff, contractors, temporary and remote workers, miiCard combines identity proofing, personal data verification, qualifications checks, and bureau/ CRA checks to expedite hiring.

Peer to Peer

The miiCard digital passport allows consumers to prove ‘I am who I say I am’ and create the level of trust critical to peer and personal services such as dating, trading, commerce, social and professional networking.

Flexible Implementation

miiCard full Identity Service integration

Full Service Integration

Combining a full identity proofing process, strong authentication and verified data for ongoing customer interaction the 'login with miiCard' service gives you ongoing access to identity proofing checks, verified attributes and the protection of strong authentication. Established trust relationships between you and an individual's verified identity provides the convenience to re-access information and automate revalidation of identities as required.

miiCard in-page embedded verifications

In-page Embedded Verifications

Perfect for customer onboarding and one off verifications embedding the miiCard application process, form or workflow allows you to verify the consumer's identity without them ever leaving your site. In-Page Verifications provides easy, point-in-time full identity verification checks and access to a consumer's verified attributes.

One-Time Verifications

One-Time Verifications

DirectID is a plug and play cloud service that embeds directly in your process seamlessly for a frictionless user experience.

It gives you the value of bank-verified identities combined with real-time financial transaction data and bureau checks, in a one-time verification service for customer onboarding, assessment and underwriting.

Building Trust in the Global Digital Economy

As personal information becomes more widely available online, through our own sharing and security breaches, it becomes increasingly difficult to rely on this data for customer verification in high-value transactions and services.

A number of initiatives across government and industry such as the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC), Open Identity Exchange (OIX) and The Respect NetworkTM are working to solve this global digital issue with a trend toward consumer-centric identity models emerging.

By placing the customer at the heart of their digital identity, and giving them ownership and control over their personal information, we stand to better protect them and deliver greater value.

The consumer is central to the miiCard IDaaS platform, driving the process of identity verification and providing explicit opt-in consent to the information they share, every step of the way.

This approach allows miiCard to give consumers the convenience, control and security of Bring Your Own Identity (BYOID) and deliver the benefits of fraud reduction, operational cost savings and increased conversions to business and enterprise.

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  • What interested us about miiCard was precisely that it utilises online banking credential and that it puts the consumer in charge of improving the identity verification process.