Drupal modules

miiCard is developing a module for Drupal 7 that will bring miiCard's strong identity assurance and verification to your existing Drupal sites with just a few clicks - it's in beta just now, and we hope to have it released to Drupal.org shortly.

  • Add Sign-in with miiCard to your application
  • Attach miiCard identity verification to existing accounts to help build trust between users
  • Use miiCard identity verification for access control to sensitive or high-trust sections of your site
  • Show off your miiCard verification status through the card-image block, annotations on contributions to the site and a user profile tab

It's the beginning of our efforts to let Drupal application developers tackle high-trust problems in markets such as dating, trading and personal finance and we're keen to get feedback on how we can make it better and easier to integrate.

For more information about miiCard identity assurance, contact info@miicard.com or use the form on the Getting Started page.