Developer Q&A

Can anyone use the APIs?

miiCard's APIs have different access requirements, and some require you to sign a terms of service or commercial contract. This is summarised in the table below:

API Cost Terms
Directory API Free None
Claims API - Subscriptional Free Signed 'Terms of Service' agreement
Claims API - Transactional Variable - contact us Signed commercial contract
Financial API Variable - contact us Signed commercial contract

How do I get a consumer key and consumer secret?

Take a look at the Getting Started section for a form to fill in - the more information you can supply about what you want to do, the quicker we'll be able to help out.

Do I need a key and secret to use the Directory API?

No - the Directory API is a public search tool intended for use by anyone via simple HTTP requests - there's no OAuth or other authentication mechanism to deal with.

Why do you need so much information for API access?

The privacy and security of our members is important, and we want to make sure that their identity data is going being used in an appropriate way.

We also want to get involved in integrations to make them as smooth and simple as possible. By finding out a bit more about how you're planning to use miiCard we're better placed to offer you guidance and support before development starts, and assistance during and after implementation. If you're trying to do something with miiCard that we don't support yet then we can talk about that too.

What sort of information can I request of a miiCard member?

At the moment you can request any information that a member can also elect to make public on their profile page. This includes:

  • Their name
  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Postal address
  • Date of birth
  • Social media and other online identities
  • Web pages and domains
  • and more...

Take a look at the API documentation, in particular the MiiUserProfile object type - just let us know which fields you'd like populated and which you want to be mandatory. You should only request information that you actually need for your use case - the less information you require from a miiCard member, the more likely it is that they'll share it with your application.

How do I get support?

A number of ways: