You can now manage many aspects of your application directly through the Business Portal of the miiCard site. miiCard will need to set up a business profile for you, and add you as an administrator. You can do this by request - please fill in the form on the Getting Started page and indicate you're interested in self-management. We'll need:

  • Your miiCard username - if you do not have a miiCard account, you'll need to sign up and perform a financial validation
  • Your company name
  • You to sign our Terms of Service

Using The Business Portal

The Business Portal is access from a link at the top-right of the page when you sign into your miiCard. Only miiCard members marked as an administrator of one or more businesses or products can access the Business Portal.

In the Business Portal, the top navigation bar appears orange. You can return to your miiCard member account at any time by clicking the link.

The Business Portal is split into three sections.


  • The drop-down boxes on the right of the screen let you change the business and product you're currently editing. If you are an administrator of only one business, the drop-down won't appear.
  • The icons in the grey navigation bar switch between different portal functions:
    • Manage, where you can make changes to your API access or branding
    • Analytics, where basic reporting about your API access can be found

What can be controlled in the Business Portal?

Once configured, through the business portal you can:

  • Create a new product, and obtain a consumer key and secret
  • Configure the set of identity data you wish miiCard members to share with your application
  • Set up use of the transactional charging model for your application
  • See reporting about your application, including details of referrals and promotional codes redeemed
  • Add administrative users to help manage your applications
  • Configure test users for your applications

What can't be controlled in the Business Portal?

You will still need to ask miiCard if you want to:

  • Turn on your transactional application for public (and charged) use
  • Change your business profile name
  • Enable full co-branding
  • Start using WS-Federation or Windows Azure ACS
  • Configure your API key to skip the Claims Picker on the second and subsequent requests for a given miiCard member