Your virtual driver's license or digital passport for the Internet
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Think of miiCard as your virtual driver's license or digital passport that lets you prove your real identity online.

miiCard is a free service that puts you in control of your identity, taking the trust you already have with your online bank and the protection of strong authentication, to help you do everything from shopping, to proving your social accounts, trading on eBay and even buying a house - entirely online.


  • With identity thefts online proving to be a phenomenal hurdle, miiCard helps establish credibility on the ownership and identity of a person. It helps maintain your true identity, builds trust and breaks boundaries.

    Ajay Rajagopal

  • Using miiCard has proven to be a great way to build trust with new business connections I have made on LinkedIn.

    Matt Navarra, miiCard Founding Member

  • miiCard is my real time, online, personal identity verifier.

    Jonathan Jensen, miiCard Founding Member

  • Finally I have a way to create trust with my followers so they know it really is me.

    Scott Liddell, miiCard Founding Member

  • miiCard is amazing and I love that you can have all your social networking sites in one place.

    Jonathan Jovovich

It gives you convenience

miiCard lets you sign up to new services and verify your real identity without having to go offline, send in forms or scan in documents.

It takes just minutes to set-up the first time and then seconds to reuse. Best of all there is only one password to remember.

Having a single trusted identity and your personal data in one place lets you quickly sign up to services, login to your sites or share your verified miiCard with others online.

  • miiCard single sign-on for convenience
  • Login with miiCard

It gives you control

  • Verify your Social Accounts in miiCard
  • Connect your Trading Accounts and Virtual Wallets in miiCard
  • miiCard Personal Data Store for all your information

miiCard gives you one place to verify, store and update your personal information, as well as prove your favorite accounts like Twitter, Facebook and eBay belong to you.

It's your online identity and you are always in control of when and where your information is shared.


It gives you security

Having a trusted identity, one single login and all of miiCard's security features help to protect you online.

Strong authentication is used to protect your identity and your information is individually encrypted in your very own personal data store.

We balance security with ease by letting you set many of these features to suit you.

  • miiCard 2-factor authentication options to suit you
  • miiCard balances security with ease, letting you set many features to suit you

Sharing your identity

Your verified by miiCard page makes it easy to create trust online

Your verified by miiCard page makes it easy to create trust online. Simply choose what information you want to show and start sharing.

We have some great tools help you add your digital card to your blog or email signature and link to your miiCard from your favorite social accounts.

One login

miiCard works just like logging into a site with your social account

miiCard works just like logging into a site with your social account. The difference is that it is your trusted online identity and you control what information you share with the site.


How it works

miiCard lets you take the trust you already have with your online bank, because they know you really well, to verify your identity.

Using your online bank login details you can connect your accounts and validate your miiCard in minutes. Because only you know your bank login details these prove the connection between the physical you and the digital you in a purely online environment, establishing the same level of trust in your identity as an in-person passport to driver's license check.

miiCard is a secure, read-only service, which means funds cannot be moved from your account. It takes just minutes to signup and validate your miiCard identity and best of all it's free!


Learn more in our How miiCard Works video

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Our commitment to you

We believe you must always be in control of your online identity and personal information and in providing the miiCard service our promise to you is that:

  • You will always have complete control of your miiCard
  • We will never share your personal information without your explicit consent
  • At any time you can revoke a participating service's access to your miiCard
  • And we will do our utmost to protect your online identity and personal information at all times

James Varga
CEO & Founder
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