Security and Trust

Our commitment to you

As a consumer-centric service our commitment to security and trust starts with you, the individual. At all times we will do our utmost to protect the online identities and personal information of those using the service.

We believe you must always be in control of your online identity and personal information and in providing the miiCard service our promise to you is that:

  • You will always have complete control of your miiCard
  • We will never share your personal information without your explicit consent
  • At any time you can revoke a participating service's access to your miiCard
  • And we will do our utmost to protect your online identity and personal information at all times

James Varga
CEO & Founder
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Protecting miiCard Identities

miiCard takes a 'defense in depth' approach to security which means multiple layers of security controls are used to protect miiCard identities including strong authentication, individually encrypted personal data stores and a read-only environment for financial accounts.

By placing the customer at the center of their identity online and giving them ownership and control over their personal information we can better protect them and mitigate the risks of data protection and consent.

Account and Data Aggregation

miiCard uses services like account aggregation to verify identities and link personal data purely online. Our process for example allows an individual to connect to their online financial accounts using their unique bank login details. miiCard uses leading aggregation provider Yodlee for this part of the service. Yodlee provides services for a number of consumer finance and money management applications as well as banks such as Bank of America, PayPal, JP Morgan Chase and Lloyds. Regardless of the service or data source miiCard will never share an individual's identity or personal information without their explicit consent.

Please visit our Help and Support pages for more information on how miiCard works »

Building the Trusted Identity Ecosystem

A number of initiatives across government and industry are working to solve the global issues around security and trust in online identities, with a strong move toward consumer-centric models like miiCard emerging.

Through our memberships and active participation in the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC), Open Identity Exchange (OIX), The Respect Network and Trust in Digital Life (TDL) miiCard is helping to shape the future of digital identity and championing a digital world where the individual empowered to create trust online.