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Prove your Twitter account belongs to you with miiCard
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Verify your Twitter account with miiCard

Getting a miiCard is easy

  1. Sign Up for your miiCard
  2. Verify your identity online in 5-10 minutes
  3. Connect your Twitter account


miiCard is simple to share

  • Publish your miiCard profile
  • Link to it on your Twitter profile
  • And Tweet that you have a miiCard
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  • miiCard is amazing and I love that you can have all your social networking sites in one place.

    Jonathan Jovovich

  • With identity thefts online proving to be a phenomenal hurdle, miiCard helps establish credibility on the ownership and identity of a person. It helps maintain your true identity, builds trust and breaks boundaries.

    Ajay Rajagopal

  • The ability to prove I am who I claim to be online is becoming increasingly important; miiCard makes it both easy and secure.

    Neil Macehiter, miiCard Founding Member

  • Trust and respect are vital to my business. miiCard online identity management combined with Connect.Me peer reputation vouching helps me establish and communicate this seamlessly with all my online networks

    Carece Slaughter, miiCard Founding Member

  • Using miiCard has proven to be a great way to build trust with new business connections I have made on LinkedIn.

    Matt Navarra, miiCard Founding Member


Sign the Petition for Official miiCard Twitter Verification

We need your support to help get miiCard recognized by Twitter as official verification.

Please sign our Twitition if you want miiCard as a verification alternative to the blue tick.


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