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Verify your identity on Twitter in minutes

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"Now I can create trust with my followers so they know I am who I say I am."

Jonathan Jensen @sevendotzero


Petition for official miiCard Twitter verification

We need your support to help get miiCard recognised by Twitter as official verification.
Please sign our Twitition if you want miiCard as a verification alternative to the blue tick.


Create real trust with your followers on Twitter

One time setup in 5-10 minutes

Complete control over the information you share


Getting a miiCard is easy

  1. Sign Up for your miiCard
  2. Verify your identity online in 5-10 minutes
  3. Connect your Twitter account

How miiCard verifies

miiCard is simple to share

  • Publish your miiCard profile
  • Link to it on your Twitter profile
  • And Tweet that you have a miiCard

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miiCard, a service that uses bank-account data to verify online identities

there’s a growing need for some sort of system to help verify user identities

remove the need for paper-based checks of identity documents

helping tackle one of the toughest problems on the internet

miiCard is like an online passport or driver’s license, proving your identity

create a circle of trust for your online transactions