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Verify your personal details and accounts

Once you have verified your identity with miiCard you can start building up your profile. miiCard verifies each piece of information you add with a trusted third party to ensure it does belong to you.

Build Your Personal Identity Store

Verifying your information on miiCard lets you:

  • Create trust and demonstrate credibility
  • Build your personal brand
  • Show ownership of your accounts, websites, domains and blogs
  • Keep your information secure and in one place

Build Your miiCard Personal Identity Store

Prove your favourite accounts on miiCard

Connect your favourite accounts to prove they belong to you.


Public your Public Profile

Once you have added the information and accounts you want stored in your miiCard, you can choose what you want to display on your Public Profile. This is your unique webpage that shows you have proven identity with miiCard. You choose what information about you appears on this page and you can update it whenever you like.


Digital ID Verification page | miiCard

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