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How miiCard verifies your identity

miiCard uses the trust between you and your bank to verify your identity purely online. By proving access and ownership of your online bank accounts, miiCard can verify your identity to the same standard as an in-person identity check.

We don't rely on scans or document uploads to verify your ID and we don't ask lots of questions about you and your family. Lots of people can access this information and use it to pretend to be you.

How does my Online Bank Account prove it is me?

Through our patented process, miiCard uses information only you know - secure access details to your online bank accounts - to prove the connection between the physical you and the digital you.

We use bank accounts because:

  • These are the most secure online accounts you own and only you have unique access to them.
  • Checking and current accounts have regular transactions, providing the ongoing trust and traceability miiCard needs to keep your identity always up-to-date.
  • Your bank knows you really well and you have passed identity checks to open your accounts.
Verify your identity online with miiCard

miiCard can verify over 350 million people across 10 countries today. Check out our coverage map to see which countries and banks we support.


2-Step Verification for Identity Assurance

miiCard uses 2-step verification to provide a high level of security for our members accounts and ensure it is you using it when it is shared online. We let our members choose the 2-step verification method that suits them best - sms, YubiKey and Toopher.

Security and Control

The miiCard service operates in a secure read-only environment and your data is protected by Individualised Strong Encrytpion.

We never share your data with anyone without your consent. Each and every time you use your miiCard you say 'yes' to the information you want to share, so you always have complete control.

Learn more about miiCard security and privacy here »


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