News for 2013

  • miiCard Builds on Recent Momentum and Vision for Linking Physical and Digital Identity with myrentalcv Partnership

    Edinburgh, UK – December 12, 2013 – Online identity proofing service miiCard today announced that it will help power ID verification for myrentalcv’s tenant screening platform to ensure quick and secure references for agents and landlords. myrentalcv is changing the traditional letting model by bringing together all the essential tenant information that agents need to quickly and securely make a decision about a tenant’s suitability online. This partnership builds on recent miiCard customer announcements, its selection to new U.S FinTech incubator SixThirty, and the company being named the fastest growing startup in Edinburgh by Mattermark.

    “To complete any high value transactions online, it is critical to first make a direct connection between one’s physical identity and digital persona,” said miiCard CEO James Varga. “We are excited about myrentalcv’s approach to changing the rental industry, and we are pleased that our identity proofing solution will help secure an environment so that agents and tenants can confidently connect and rent properties online.”

    myrentalcv brings together all the information required to rent a property conveniently and securely in one place. miiCard confirms a tenant’s identity to the same level as an offline ID check, but purely online and in just minutes. Tenants need only set it up once, then they can aggregate information over time to use as a comprehensive and up-to-date means of demonstrating suitability for future rentals. myrentalcv partnered with miiCard to reduce the administrative overhead associated with in-person ID document checks and combat fraud from reliance on data checks, while making it easy for agents to review and approve potential tenants purely online.

    New miiCard Directory API Powers Member Lookup Services to Easily Confirm Identity and Expand Confidence Online

    October 28, 2013 – Online identity verification service miiCard today introduced a new, free Directory API to enable Member Lookup services that link to miiCard verified identities within a transaction, social media or online environment. Unveiled at the Dublin Web Summit, this new API allows sites and services to quickly and easily expand trust and confidence amongst customers.

    “As we conduct more and more of our daily lives online, it is critical that we do so with the same trust and confidence as we do in the offline world,” said miiCard CEO James Varga. “miiCard continues to extend its identity service platform to make it as easy as possible to build a range of useful identity based services. With Directory API, developers can construct software extensions without the need for a full integration. “

    miiCard Member Lookup can be used in a number of situations to instill confidence or facilitate a trusted transaction, including:

    • Within a blog comment or review, automatically link a commenter to a miiCard profile using an email address to prove the post is from a real or specific person;
    • On an ecommerce or peer-to-peer trading platform, confirm a phone number, address or identity at account setup to reduce the risk of fraud;
    • For dating sites, match a verified ID against a social account such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Google Plus to instantly prove account ownership.
  • New miiCard Express Identity Verification Can Instantly Prove ID to Power Range of Financial Applications

    October 7th, 2013 – Online identity verification service miiCard today introduced Express Identity Verification as a supporting identity tool within the Yodlee Interactive (YI) ACE ecosystem. YI’s ACE helps partners like miiCard directly distribute their FinApp to financial institutions or publishers seeking innovation. miiCard’s new service empowers consumers, businesses and developers to create a more secure and trusted online environment for financial transactions across the web with increased speed and convenience.

    miiCard Express Identity Verification instantly proves a consumer’s online identity to the level of an offline photo ID check. This verified identity is portable and can be used by consumers and businesses anywhere online to secure a wide range of services, including instant loan approvals, real-time credit approvals, authorization for high dollar transactions, or even to deliver personalized financial advice.

    “miiCard allows consumers and businesses to do more online by connecting them in confidence and without the risk of fraud,” said miiCard CEO James Varga. “By leveraging the Yodlee Interactive API, miiCard makes it possible to authorize, deploy or integrate the web’s most trusted consumer-centric identity verification solution within seconds.”

  • Xpenditure Selects miiCard Certified Digital Bank Statements for Expanded and Automated Expense Report Verification

    September 24, 2013 – Online identity proofing service miiCard announced that expense accounting software company Xpenditure has integrated its Certified Digital Bank Statements feature to expand into new markets and to help customers easily connect their bank statements. With miiCard, Xpenditure users can now authorize automatic uploads of bank statements for seamless expense receipt confirmation to save time and money.

    Xpenditure users today scan or photograph both their expense receipts and credit card statements to reconcile their spending. Xpenditure software analyzes date, merchant, and amount from each to match expenses and then verify expense reports for storage and payment. At the request of users, Xpenditure was seeking a way to add bank statements in addition to credit card statements, and to automate the process to save users the time and effort of scanning or uploading additional documents.

    “We are always listening to our users and constantly seeking ways to make their lives easier,” said Boris Bogaert, CEO of Cardwise, owner of Xpenditure.  “miiCard automates the process to save them the hassle of offline steps. Plus, miiCard’s technology and network of banking relationships makes it possible to add this functionality and convenience with a simple integration and at a much lower cost than other services.”