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  1. Lloyds study supports Bank-Verified Online Identities

    ... confidence to the miiCard proposition by supporting the use of banking credentials in line with the Cabinet Office Good ... to the extra security this approach provides. This is why we have developed DirectID , a secure and convenient way to sign up to ...

    - 2014-10-29 08:43

  2. How to spot a fake LinkedIn profile

    ... a lot of value, both monetary and reputational which is why it is so important that we are able to trust our connections in this ... 3. Profile warning signs If LinkedIn is, as many people use it, your online resume, then you should expect to see some information ...

    - 2014-09-03 08:46

  3. Who Am I?

    ... this is not the case – which explains, at least in part, why many individuals create multiple, pseudonymous personas. The behaviour of ... This seems to establish limitations on our ability to use the internet in a way which parallels the real world and endangers the ...

    - 2014-04-23 05:57

  4. Getting verified on Twitter - What is the trick to getting the blue tick?

    ... and encouraging others to vouch for them. Others use Twititions to petition Twitter to verify an account. We’re not so sure ... and social profiles on all the social networks , and why we’re really excited to have added Social Validations into miiCard so ...

    - 2014-09-04 01:56

  5. Protect your digital identity on social networks

    ... Yelp and Instagram in the office. Keep it consistent Use the same basic profile information across all your profiles - name, email ... online identity including your social networks, which is why we've added a social validations feature into miiCard that allows you to ...

    - 2014-04-25 04:04

  6. Identity 3.0 - An Industry Update for FinTechWeek 2015

    ... really motivates consumers more than convenience. It's why the industry talks about a 'frictionless' user experience and how even ... bank accounts. As consumers all we needed was a way to use this to do more online. Today it is this source of trust - bank verified ...

    - 2015-10-15 03:20

  7. Fake Dating Profiles – How to Spot Them

    ... and men often have preferences on weight. Remember this is why we use dating sites, to find the kind of person we would like to be with. Be ...

    - 2014-04-24 07:18