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Getting to know someone

In online dating we take a big leap of faith, often sharing a lot of our personal information with people we don't know very well as we get to know them.

miiCard gives you a safe and easy way to build trust right from the start with the people you want to connect with on dating and personals sites.

Your miiCard says, "You can trust I am who I say I am," and helps build that level of comfort we need when we are getting to know someone online.

You have complete control over your personal information and choose what details you want to share every step of the way.

Help make online dating safe

  • Build trust instantly by proving you are who you say you are on dating sites
  • A safe and secure way to build trust as you get to know someone
  • Complete control over your online identity and what information you share
  • One verified identity to use across the web

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On the Internet, nobody knows you're a ...

In the world of online dating how do you know the person on the other side of the browser really is who they say they are?

We created this video to help raise awareness for the need for trust online.

Please help spread the word and bring trust to the Internet by sharing this video.

Find out more here: OnTheInternetNobodyKnows...

Please help bring trust to the Internet by sharing this video.